My Profile

Name: June / Michelle     Gender: Female

Nicknames: JuneJune   亞June  米記  面霜  阿Mi

Education: UoL, external program – BSc Economics & Management

Badminton, Basketball, BBQ, Cycling, Swimming, 行山, 飲茶, High_tea, Reading, Chatting with friends

Cooking, Beauty & Health, Driving, Travel, (Drink Drink Eat Eat), Shopping, Dating, any innovative things…

Place(s) I Love:

Place(s) I have been:
Part of China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan

Place(s) I dream to go:
Australia, Netherlands & UK

Favorite Food:
Hotpot, 燒玉子, Smoked Salmon Pasta, Ceasar Salad, Chef Salad,
粥品, 麵品(炸醬鵝腸撈粗), 上海菜, 潮州菜, Curry Beef (大家樂), Birthday Cake..

Drinks  =)
Hot lemon tea (light), Onion Soup, 冬蔭公, 冬瓜盅, Honey (Acacia), 凍谷古, Puzzi Fruit, Black Russian, Champagnet, 花雕..

Desserts  =P
Raspberry Jelly, Marble Cheese Cake, Black Sesame Ice-cream,
Apple Pie, Ginger Cookies

Occupation: Searching

Message: msn

Will I have a ROMANTIC WEDDING in June?